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Goblins, Witches and Ghouls…..OH MY!

Kidletts and adults alike are counting down the days to the evening where it’s OK to accept candy from strangers…. a.k.a. Halloween 😉

I remember as a kid, the anticipation for the sun to go down so we could finally go out in our neat-o costumes collecting candy. Strolling up and down the neighbourhood streets, knocking on one door, ringing the bell of another. Seeing our school mates in their costumes they’ve been keeping a secret for weeks. Getting home, having our parents rifle through our candy and keeping the best ones for themselves. You didn’t care though, because our candy pile was so large, we thought we had won the sugar lottery.

Now, as an adult, the anticipation has turned to anxiety…How many bags of candy should I buy? Do I host a Halloween Party this year for friends? What costume should I wear that is going to out-do my last years costume? Are 3 carved pumpkins enough for the front porch? Oi vey

All the thought, preparation and effort for this one night of ghoulish mayhem…..completely worth it.  Take a peek at how our great towns-folk have decorated their spooky front porches and frightful lawn scenes.







If you’ve come to a road block on how to Hallow-fy your entrance, click below for a few toil-and-trouble ideas.

Frightfully Fantastic Front Porches

If you have yet to decide on a costume to scare the kiddies, or to dance the night away under the full moon, I’ve come across a few that made me go Hmmmm….

A+ Halloween Costumes

Wishing you all a sugar-high night this October 31st!

Halloween pics2

My Halloween costumes over the years…


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